My daughter’s first birthday

Three weeks ago we celebrated the milestone of my baby turning ONE! She made it/we made it through her first year of life, and that is a momentous time.

A year of life is so precious. Watching your baby grow before your eyes is bittersweet.  Can you relate? It is said (and experienced) by many that the first year after having a baby is hard. If you’re a mom, then you’re recovering from giving birth, but also some of these other things: sleep deprivation, hormone shifts, emotions all over the place, caring for a new baby (or more than 1), navigating feedings, possible baby blues or postpartum depression, and a lot more all while your child(ren) deserves the best version of yourself.  So I am very proud of myself because I not only dealt with a lot of that, taking care of a toddler as well, and to top it all off, a global pandemic. It was tough.


And time… I really see and understand it much clearer now that I’ve had a baby. Time is fleeting and it’s emotional at times (at least it was for me). It really did a number on me, particularly this year. Sometimes I felt I had so little time, but on the same note, I had a lot of it because it was like no other year due to the pandemic. I am grateful to slow down and see my baby every second of every minute of every day.  However, the year was filled with missing out on a lot of extended family time.

We are still sheltering-in-place and practicing all the safety measures we can.  That said, we didn’t throw her a birthday party with family or friends. It was such a different feeling and experience that we did for my son’s first birthday. Instead, we did a couple of other things that would capture the time and make it special. 

First, we captured her special day by getting her all dressed up and doing a photo shoot. We captured details of our baby at this moment in time with her outfits, so I just HAD to share a few! I linked her outfits below (with some other suggestions) for any mom looking for ideas for first birthday outfit ideas. 


We also decided to put together a time capsule. It consisted of two different things.  The first part of it was having family and friends create birthday greeting videos that were then put together as a large tribute. She watched it on her birthday (of course not really understanding it), but then we also are going to have her watch it on her 18th birthday.  The second part of this time capsule is written.  We asked family and friends if they could send things or write her letters that she would open up on her 18th birthday.  We thought this was a beautiful idea being that time is fleeting.

We were completely satisfied with the way everything turned out. We love her with every bit of our hearts and souls.  Happy First Birthday, baby!

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  1. February 3, 2021 / 8:48 AM

    Her outfit is so gorgeous but she is beautiful even without her pretty outfit! Love it. Happy birthday London!

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