DIY Toy Carwash

Being a stay-at-home mom with a 3-month-old and an almost 3-year-old means my hands are definitely full. Now with California’s “shelter in place” order due to COVID-19, I need to continually keep my toddler entertained. So, I wanted to do something fun and easy (especially easy for mom, too, since there’s also a baby to look after).

Today is carwash day! No, not him washing his toddler car (or my car for that matter), but a “muddy” toy car wash for his toy cars! My son had so much fun doing this, and it’s an easy DIY so we just used things from home.

It’s so great for independent play and fine motor skills which is a mom win in my book.

Here’s what you need:

  1. Two bins or buckets
  2. Water (from your sink or hose outside work fine)
  3. Dish soap or bubble bath
  4. Towel
  5. Coffee grounds, tea bags, or dirt from your yard (your choice!)
  6. Toy cars
  7. Sponge, scrubbing brush, old toothbrush, or all three!
  8. Spray bottle

Place your two bins side-by-side. In one bin you will fill with toy cars and the “dirt.” The dirt (as mentioned above) can be from your yard, or you can do what we did and use coffee grounds or tea bags (it smells so good, too!). If you use tea bags, cut them open and sprinkle all over the toy cars in the bin. I personally would have like to use coffee grounds, but we actually had expired tea bags so it seemed more useful than just tossing them out.  You can even sprinkle some water in there too to make it slightly “muddy.”

As for the other bin, fill it up with soap and water and there you have it!  Your little one can start picking up the cars and transferring them to the soapy water, scrubbing them and spraying them down.  Once they’re done, wipe up with a towel!  It kept my toddler busy for a while.  Have you done an activity like this with your little one?

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