1st Trimester Pregnancy Update

I announced my pregnancy in my 3rd trimester, and now baby is almost here!  Nevertheless, I still wanted to share a bit about the past months and give you a summary of how my 1st trimester (Week 1-12) went!

All plans of announcing this pregnancy went out the window because of my miscarriageWith my first pregnancy, we announced it to our families at 12 weeks.  But since I had a miscarriage last summer, it became a different thing.  We wanted to hold that news close to us and felt it was necessary for our hearts.  Every single thing in pregnancy was different for me after I miscarried because I was apprehensive. 

As for pregnancy symptoms, the anticipated morning sickness was there from the beginning.  It was surprisingly my very first sign, which was very different from the first time I went through this. I had so much nausea in the first twelve weeks, and though I was beyond happy to have a baby start growing inside of me, it didn’t make that part more enjoyable.  It did give it a purpose though, and that was a nice reminder. Migs would tell me that it was my body was reminding me that I was pregnant and it was doing something remarkable.  

Photo taken at 10 weeks pregnant

Bloating and tiredness also happened immediately for me. Chasing after a 2-year-old while getting hit with exhaustion was such a struggle for me. I would catch myself dozing off on the couch at times I shouldn’t have been!  I also had no appetite. Nothing was appealing, especially red meat! 

But I am grateful for these reminders. My body is not letting me down and growing this child; it’s something extraordinary. 

Photo taken at 12 weeks pregnant

Feeling: SO bloated. Every experienced mom told me that with each subsequent pregnancy, you show sooner. Though I didn’t have a bump in the beginning, at the end of the first trimester I definitely had a mini one. I felt further along than I was. 

Eating:   I didn’t have much of an appetite, and all I remember is that carbonation is good for settling my stomach! 

Food Aversions: Red meat and eggs.  I didn’t eat eggs for a total of three months because I couldn’t stand the smell and it sounded unappealing.  Red meat always sounded disgusting. 

My Mood: I never felt like my pregnancy hormones were raging, as naturally, I’ve never been a hormonal, moody person even on a regular menstrual cycle. If anything, I was more emotional in a sentimental way because I was constantly trying to not think about my brother’s death for my health reasons and scared of a miscarriage again. 

Weight Gain: I was on track for my consistent one pound a week. I was the same when pregnant with Nico. 

Maternity Clothes: I’d been wearing a lot of loose-fitting or flowy tops, just because I was paranoid everyone would know. I knew that by the end of summer, I’d need maternity clothes!  Here are links to the dress and top I am wearing in the pictures above.

Aches or Pains: Luckily my 1st trimester wasn’t bad at all in regards to aches or pains!

Gender: We decided toward the end of the 1st trimester that we will be waiting to find out the gender.  We didn’t find out with Nico, so we’re going to wait again until the baby is born! Everyone asks us how we can stand waiting to find out.  Many people need to know and plan, and I get that. For us, we agree there are very few surprises in your entire life and this is one completely worth waiting for. Plus, we can say whole-heartedly that gender really doesn’t make a difference. We aren’t hoping for one over the other. The moment you find out and baby is in your arms, it’s incredible.

Names: We didn’t share our name ideas the first time around, but we highly doubt we will go with any of the past names we liked.  It’ll be all-new name ideas this time. Nico was nameless his first 36 hours in the hospital, so I’m not super worried. I know it’ll come to us when we meet the baby.

Dislikes: Being so out of energy all the time.

Favorite Moments: My favorite moments with this baby are often merely lying in bed at night and really realizing my body is working hard to grow this baby and that it’s happening. I really love when Nico voluntarily gives the baby kisses. It’s so adorable and my heart melts when he brings his toys over to my stomach for the baby to play with.  He will roll his trucks, walk his dinosaurs, or put the noisy musical toys right on my stomach, and it satisfies him that he knows mommy (and the baby) is enjoying it.  

Excited About: Nico becoming a big brother.  Also, getting an actual baby bump that’s recognizable so that it doesn’t just feel like bloat!

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