Timeless Styles For The End Of Season – Pink Blush Maternity Tops

When you’re pregnant, your body is constantly changing every single day.  While on the outside it may not look like you are physically growing day by day, but it’s unpredictable if you will feel bloated, big, small, tired, or… you name it! It is no secret that pregnancy does a number on you and there’s a lot of getting used to, especially when it comes to comfort and clothing. Some of the time I just wear my husband’s shirts or sweatshirts, but realistically they still don’t fit how I’d like them to because I just feel frumpy! Pink Blush carries both maternity and non-maternity clothing. In fact, their non-maternity clothing is great, too, and I’ve reviewed a ruffle sleeve soft knit top and a sweater by them last year. 

At 33 weeks (about to be 34), I am absolutely feeling like a stuffed sausage. I don’t remember feeling like this during my first pregnancy, so I’m excited about these Pink Blush Maternity items because I’m more knowledgeable about maternity clothes this time around. They work so well and are made for this special time.  I will be able to wear this through the end of my pregnancy AND for a while postpartum.

Beige cable knit dolman sleeve maternity cardigan

Pink Blush Maternity has a variety of cardigans to choose from!  This cable knit cardigan is just the cutest!  I hardly own anything cable knit and it screams winter to me.  It is $37 and it comes in burgundy, charcoal grey, mauve, and beige (seen in the photos below).

What I love: It is warm! Let’s face it, a lot of women (including me) are a walking heater while pregnant.  So this works very well for me in the climate I am in because I could wear a simple tank underneath and still be warm enough with the cable knit over it while being outside.  

I am liking the dropped shoulder style and I love the sleeves. The sleeves are really what drew me in.

What to wear it with: I am so satisfied with the complete look of this knit cardigan. I can wear it over a tee and jeans, throw on a pair of over-the-knee boots and some dangling earrings to slightly dress it up for a cuter look if I was going to meet friends for a casual lunch or dinner.  I also like that I can wear it with a tee and leggings (comfy!) and put on some a pair of my favorite sheep-skin boots for maximum coziness and warmth!

Possible Issue: None!





Olive waffle knit button front maternity top

I chose this top because I love basics.  Everyone needs basics, but this one has slightly a bit more character to it being waffle knit and having the V-neck with buttons.  It is $37 and comes in other colors: beige, burgundy, and olive green (as seen in my pictures below).

What I love: The material is stretchy and comfy. The buttons are perfect to have if I end up nursing.  It makes things a whole lot more convenient. It’s easy to move around in, especially when I’m chasing my toddler!

What to wear it with: I also love that the material enables you to do a side tie (tie it up), tuck it in, or leave it out and un-tucked as well especially postpartum. It’s one of those tops to put on when you just don’t know what to wear. I can put on a puffer vest over it or add a felt hat, a baseball cap and sneakers, or anything really because I look at it as a simple basic with a slight bit of character. 

Possible issue: Sizing (in my case), but I went with a medium and it is too big on me. Unlike the cable knit cardigan, this top is loose and comfortable fitting so you must get the right size and not over-think things. This was my fault, as the suggestion model stats clearly show what size to order.  This is a completely honest review and just proves, I really do feel like a stuffed sausage and feel bigger than I look!!  If I ordered a small, it would have been perfect.  Get your clothing size the way it should be and it will fit TTS (true to size)!

In any case, Pink Blush Maternity is really easy to work with for exchanges and returns which is essential and also another reason why I love their shop!





I was gifted these tops from PinkBlush and only express my own thoughts when featuring items. Thank you for sponsoring this post, Pink Blush! The Pages and Stages is part of several affiliate advertising programs and may include several affiliate links, but all opinions are my own.  This means that if you click and/or make a purchase through certain links in this post, I may make a commission from that click and/or purchase.

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