November brought a lot of change in the season. Thanksgiving is here, and Halloween seems so long ago. In some places, the weather has already drastically changed, too!

My son has hit the 2.5-year-old mark, and he is catching on to a lot of things quicker. For November, I brought books into the rotation that started to teach him about Thanksgiving (since we celebrate it) or just to learn about being thankful. We’ve been doing a mix of library book check-outs/rentals and purchasing 1-2 books.



Here are the books we focused on for November:

1. Mickeys Thanksgiving – Most children love Mickey and friends, so this one is a nice way of showing how Mickey is getting prepared for a Thanksgiving dinner meal. He sets the table and realizes he forgot some things, so his friends come together and help. Thanksgiving is a success!

2. Hi-Five Animals – This hi-five board book is a great fit for my son right now.  It’s straight to the point and he loves it so much that he constantly chooses it first when we sit down to read. I’d say it was his monthly favorite!

3. Dinosaur vs Mommy – The illustrations are cute and simple. There’s something about it that reminds me of reading books when I was a child. An easy read and entertaining!

4. The Thankful Book– This one is a winner for us, and not only was it exactly what I was looking for in the month of November, my husband and I will certainly continue this one throughout the year.  It has the cutest drawings and has simple things such as, “I’m thankful for school” or “I’m thankful for hugs.” It’s written in a way that my son can understand at his age.  He already enjoys another book by this same author (Todd Parr) called “The Feelings Book.”

5. It’s Okay To Make Mistakes – Another book by Todd Parr (can you tell we love these for my son?) and we love this one, too.  They are all consistent with style and color.  Definitely check them out!

6. Be Thankful, Pout-Pout Fish – This book is all about the pout-pout fish having a Thanksgiving under the sea with family. It’s very cute for a 2-5-year-old because of the pictures and rhyming.  If your child is into the ocean, fish, sea-creatures, then have a look at this one.

7. HIGH FIVE (from the creators of Dragons Love Tacos)  – This has bright fluorescent colors throughout each page with crayon-like drawings.  My son likes it because he enjoys giving the high fives, but I’d say it’s slightly too long for his attention span at this age. Although the Hi-Five book I listed (#2) is a better fit, I have no doubt he will grow into it if we check it out again (we found it at the library). If your child has a superb attention span or is a little closer to three years old, it would be ok.

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