Books hold an important place in our home and reading with our two-year-old son is one of our favorite bonding activities. We have been reading to him since he was in my belly and now that he is a toddler, it’s great for his language and literacy development. He has grown such an interest in reading every day because we do our best to make it fun and interactive, as well.  We ask him about the pictures, letters, colors, and numbers all the time. We make sure to sit down with him to read twice a day. I usually read to him for 30 minutes or more after breakfast. My husband usually reads to him before bedtime. Because of reading, he’s become quite observant.  There are times he will voluntarily tell us about the pictures or letters on public signs he sees on a storefront while we are out and about!  It won’t be long until he is reading full words!

Here are our current reads that have been on repeat for some months now, but we really enjoyed them throughout the month of May.


1) Happy Birthday Nico by Hooray Heroes – May is my son’s birthday month, so there was no better time than to enjoy this birthday book from Hooray Heroes than now! What makes this so fun for him is that there are 10 different stories (all which I chose for him). The character is also customizable so you can choose hair color, hair style, eye color, and so on. My son gets so excited because every story has both his name and picture, making it more exciting for his imagination and learning.  On top of that, you can also write a personal dedication which makes it so much more meaningful. Could there be a better book than this? He loved having it for his second birthday. If you have a child (or twins) in your life, surprise them with this because personalized items are the best! Get your own Hooray Heroes birthday book for a special child with this 15% discount! Use the code: HOORAYBDAY15

2) Meet Happy Bear – This book was gifted to us by my sister-in-law and it’s so adorable. It prompts you to do things and the expression changes as each page turns. It’s great at getting your child to be interactive.

3) Noodles For Baby – We love our noodles in this household, so this book has been one of my son’s favorites for the last year. It’s really cute because it goes through all the noodle types (i.e. Fettuccine, Chow Mein, Pancit, etc.). He pretty much has this book memorized because of the drawings and fun rhyming.

4) P Is For Potty – My son loves Sesame Street, so he is quite interested in what Elmo is doing. This is a great book that has over 30 flaps to lift.

5) Where’s Spot? – This is another book that is interactive. He actually started liking this when he was about one, so he may be a little outgrown for it. Nevertheless, he loves seeing all the different animals in the book and telling me the sounds they make. It’s a good one to have in rotation.

6) The Feelings Book – We love this book right now because…well, toddler life. Toddlers don’t exactly understand why their emotions are all over the place, and so this helps them learn about different feelings in such a fun way. It’s colorful and I highly recommend it!

7) Potty – This is another great potty introduction book. The pictures have really helped my son start to get familiarized with the potty. He just turned two, so we will be potty training him any time now.

8) Love You Forever – If you have a son, you MUST get this book if you don’t already have it. This was gifted to us when I first gave birth, and I’ve been reading it to my son ever since then. Hands down, it is definitely one that a mother should read to her son (can’t beat a classic from 1986). It tells the story of the evolving relationship between a boy and his mother and it will give you all the feels.

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Happy Reading!



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