My Son’s First Birthday – Nico’s Barnyard Bash!

I cannot believe Nico has turned one! His birthday was on May 3rd. I am beyond excited to share with you some pictures from a day we’ll remember for the rest of our lives as parents. I hope one day he can look back at these pictures and see we wanted to throw him a birthday party that was just as special as he is to us!

When my husband and I started planning the party, we had to get the basics down:

1. Guest List

2. Location of the party

3. Theme

4. Activities for guests

Once we answered these four questions, we had an easier time planning and more ideas flowed.

For Nico’s birthday, our guest list was going to include family, extended family (cousins, aunts, etc.), and our closest friends with kids. This decision was slightly a tough one to make because we have many friends without children or single friends as well. Although it seems harsh, and we didn’t want to leave anyone out, we also had to draw the line somewhere. We would have everyone there if we could, but it gets costly!

We were shocked at how the number of invitees added up so quickly. This would play a major part in the choice of our location. We saw the pros and cons of having it either indoors or outdoors. Indoors for us would mean more decor needed and limited space for the guests. Outdoors for us would mean taking a chance on the weather, unlimited space, and hopefully not a ton of decorations needed. Finally, we decided our location would be at a local park because of the number of kids that could possibly attend.

Next on the list was a theme, and we easily came up with one. We had recently taken our son to our local zoo, and he really reacted with excitement upon seeing the animals. We recognized the same excitement when he was around dogs, too. So, the theme was going to be farm/barnyard. We wanted to decorate with the colors of red and white, and patterns of denim, red and white gingham checkered print, cow print, etc.

Lastly, we planned for a lunchtime party that would last three hours. If you ask me, three hours is pretty long for a kid’s birthday, but it worked. We had many kids coming and their ages ranged from 9 months up to 13 years old. Since it was our son’s first birthday, he would only be able to enjoy and understand a few things. With that said, we ruled out bounce houses, magicians, and a ton of other ideas. We decided to rent him a petting zoo of some farm animals and a balloon artist. The petting zoo had chickens, a bunny, a goat, and a mini donkey. We also enlisted the help of my sister-in-law who is an artist and she face-painted! It was great!

The entire party was very fun and the kids all had something to entertain them. Here are some pictures to enjoy – everything from his cake, his smash cake, to him on his “farm.” I can’t believe my son is a one-year-old now!


Hope you enjoy! Do you have a child that is turning one soon or did you recently plan a birthday party? What did you do? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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