Top 10 Easter Basket Items For Babies

If you’re reading this, chances are that you want to make an Easter basket for some bunny special this year. This will be my son’s first Easter holiday and I am starting to get a few items to put in his very first Easter basket!  He is currently 10 months old and I’ve realized that some of the items I received in my Easter basket as a kid wouldn’t work, such as a huge chocolate bunny or jelly beans! Candy! It’s always lots of candy, right?

But right before we get to the items, let me back up a step and start with the first thing needed – an Easter basket! There are always good sales and plenty of affordable options at places like CVS, Target, Walmart, and your local grocery stores. Growing up, I always had the wicker or rattan baskets filled with something like tissue paper, shredded decorative paper/basket filler, or fake grass. Since this is for a baby, I would not use any of that since a few strands could be dangerous for baby to chew on. One suggestion is a nice basket liner such as one of these listed at Target. You can get them for as low as $4.00 USD.

I bought my son Nico’s very adorable Easter basket on sale at Pottery Barn Kids. It was an easy choice because he loves exploring different textures right now, so he immediately laughed and smiled when he felt the furry and soft material. So easy! I plan to keep it over the next few years.

Image via Pottery Barn

After much thought, the items should be super useful for baby. What’s great is when you make your own Easter baskets, they are so customizable. Depending on the age of your little one (or the family/friend’s baby you are making it for), it will perfectly suit them!

Here are my 10 favorite items to put into a baby’s Easter basket.

1. A STUFFED ANIMAL (a bunny, chick or something Easter-ish!) 


Guess How Much I Love You is a perfect one! There is one that also comes with the bunny! There are plenty of Easter themed books. Here are a couple my son’s grandma bought him:

You’ll want to get the an age appropriate book. This Disney book below is perfect for my son since he is into textures right now.

Here is another part in the book. The jellybeans are sticky and he thinks it is so funny.

Here is another sample of a textile book below. Great for development.


Who doesn’t love a cute pair of tiny baby socks! You can put them into a colored plastic egg, or even one that is half clear. Carter's Unisex Baby Easter Bunny Socks (0-3 Months, Grey)

You can find an Easter related pair or click here for the one pictured above.  Another idea similar to socks are baby booties on Amazon.


The classic rubber ducks that are Easter themed are too cute. You can find them anywhere online and in stores. I found these two below at Target.


Since we can’t give the big chocolate bunnies for Easter, teething biscuits are a perfect addition to a baby Easter basket. My son loves these Mum-Mum Rice Rusks which are gluten-free (depending on flavor) baked rice teething biscuits. My husband and I chose these because they aren’t thick (cookie-like) like other teething biscuits. They are a great snack for him to get used to holding food and feeding himself. They are made from selected fine-quality Japonica rice. Low in fat. No trans fat. Egg free. Peanut free. No artificial colors or flavors. No perservatives. Low in sugar.


Most growing babies will surely need some type of teether within their first year.


My son has taken a liking to watching bubbles float around. It makes him so happy and he is filled with curiosity. These are perfect (and cheap!) for the upcoming spring days in the park.


Baby probably has many blankets by now,  but a lighter one for Spring is a good addition. I love the muslin ones from Target.

Image via Target


If you plan on enrolling your baby in swim classes soon, them maybe a swim towel, swimsuit, or something in this category would be a great fit for a basket! Though it’s still spring, the weather will be warm before we know it.

Images via Carters


As baby grows, if they don’t already have a sippy cup then this is the perfect time. They’ll eventually need one, so it’s never too early!

NUK Fashion Elephants Learner Cup, 5-Ounce

Image via Amazon

There you have it – my 10 favorite items for a baby Easter basket. These are both fun and useful for baby.

Who are you making an Easter basket for? Your child? Niece or nephew? What are some of your favorite and useful items to put in yours? Leave me a comment and let me know. Enjoy your Easter!

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