DIY Lingerie Bouquet

It’s only March, but wedding season will be here before we know it. Those summer months come around in the blink of an eye and suddenly you have tons of bachelorette parties or bridal showers to attend. It’s super easy to have a look at the future bride’s online registry, click purchase for a gift and be done, but it is thoughtful and creative to do something she may not expect you to do. If a bride you know is having a bachelorette party or a bridal shower, why not make a lingerie bouquet aka panty bouquet if you have the time?! It is a cute and different way to give your gift instead of throwing it in a gift bag (and we’ve all done that). Valentine’s Day just passed, too, so this would also make a cute “Galentine’s Day” gift for one of your girlfriends next year. You have tons of time to practice! Below are all the details:

List of Materials

Green flower wire or picks
Flower tape 
A few fake (or real!) flowers
Scissors or wire cutters
Gift wrap tissue paper or cellophane wrap

Below is a little explanation on some of the materials, along with the instructions on how to create the lingerie bouquet.


I recommend ones that are all lace or at least on the waistband because these will be the tops of the flowers. In my opinion, they look more delicate. I used 5 panties I bought from the Victoria’s Secret special that were buy five for $28 USD. I’m certain you could get a better deal somewhere else like Target, Kohls, etc, but I ordered these online because I was familiar with them and the colors are beautiful. I think the bouquet looks better if you stick with one or two colors, too. For this project though, I chose all different colored panties because I didn’t want to give my friend any of the same ones. I wanted her to have variety. I bought three of the “cheeky” kind and two of the thong style. This bouquet gift was for my girlfriend’s bachelorette weekend, so I also bought the Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Floral Lace & Dot Mesh Babydoll in the color Nile. This is not needed, but it worked as a nice addition.

Green flower wire or plant stakes/picks

Flower wire works best, but I tried these stakes this time around for better structure in the “stems.” If you think about it, real flowers have somewhat sturdy stems, so I thought it would be interesting to try the picks.  I had no issues with them, to be honest. They end up being covered at the end when you wrap them. The ones I bought come with 25 pieces, so I’ll save and use them again or find another craft to use them for.

Flower tape 

It is sticky and green, as pictured below. This tape doesn’t completely stick such as scotch tape, but it is sticky enough. You will use this for the base of the flower.

A few fake (or real!) flowers

I chose to buy a few fake flowers at Michael’s Craft Store. They were on sale. You can get these at Hobby Lobby, too, or any local craft store. Real flowers are available at your local florist or grocery store. Why a few flowers? Keep reading below!



Lay out the panty and fold the middle section up towards the waistband, but not quite to the top. Fold once again, as pictured below.


Fold the panty in half so that the crotch part is on one side and the sides are on the other. In the picture below, the crotch portion is on the left side.  Place the flower stake (or flower wire) in the center and begin to roll the panty from one side to the other.  Roll tight!


Once you have the panty rolled up, you can fidget with it a bit at the top to make it best look like a flower. Leave about 1-2 inches of panty showing at the top. Take the green floral tape and wrap it around the bottom quarter of the bud. Floral tape sticks to itself. Wrap tight and layer it as needed so it is secure. I took the extra tape and continue winding it all the way down to my preference.


This is where the fake flowers come into play. You can add optional leaves to your panty flower stems by wrapping into the tape some plastic leaves from the fake flowers I bought. I just snipped a few of the leaves off of the fake flowers and attached.


Repeat for all your panty flowers! See the variety I did below. The ones I created weren’t perfect, but do what works for you. When I added them all together, it looked great to me!


Lay in desired position of a bouquet, and tightly secure the stems with a piece of ribbon. I wanted the bouquet to look fuller, so I added the remaining fake flowers. Two good reasons to purchase fake flowers while you make this are so the bouquet looks fuller and you can use/cut some of the leaves to add to the panty stems. You can also use real flowers, but I wouldn’t’ cut the leaves off of those. Additionally, they must be as fresh as possible. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but it’s an idea.

I covered the stems with one layer of tissue paper, and then wrapped the babydoll lingerie piece around that (as pictured below). Again, this is not necessary, but it was part of my gift and it made the base fuller.


Finally, use your gift wrap tissue paper or cellophane wrap to put around the bottom. Secure with a bow as you would any bouquet. I went an extra step and used burlap material because I thought it was cute.  And voila…you have your lingerie bouquet!

I’m satisfied with the way mine turned out. It’s great for pictures with the soon-to-be bride, too! Please share thoughts if you’ve made one before since I am definitely not a pro at this. It was so fun to make. Enjoy!


  1. Diane
    March 12, 2018 / 4:02 AM

    What a great idea! I’ve never seen this before, it’s so pretty. I’m going to have to try this at the next party I attend.

    • Stacy Liz
      March 12, 2018 / 6:03 PM

      You should – a lot of people said it was so cute.

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