Valentine’s Day Baby Outfit

It’s February already? AHH! I feel like everyone was just in the Christmas spirit. But since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I wanted to share a few cute pieces with you!

First off, I’m super bummed that the sweater my son Nico is wearing is sold out already! Nevertheless, I will still share it with you. It was listed on the Old Navy website as “born to steal hearts” sweatshirt for baby.  Although you may not be able to pick this up online, I urge you to check the stores! You never know what’s in stock.

Nico’s jeans were a gift, but they are from Gap. They’re called First flannel-lined straight jeans and on sale for $21.97 at the moment.  I like them because you can cuff them at the bottom for a buffalo check pattern or you can leave them straight-legged as a classic jean.  But hey, the touches of red fit for February!

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As for my top, I actually purchased it from Zara while in Cannes, France.  I’ve looked all over both the U.S. and France sites and cannot find it! I realize this doesn’t help any, but I had a couple of inquiries about it on social media. My apologies!

My bracelet was a gift from my husband from Pandora. Happy month of love!

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