Let’s face it, the only constant in life is change.

Of the countless things I’ve learned as I turn the pages in my own life story, change is constant (as a Greek Philosopher said), so I believe the importance of following your passion is paramount.

One of my passions is to write.  I am definitely no wordsmith extraordinaire, but I was that little girl with a diary and the adolescent with a journal (admittedly, I place partial blame on the movie Poetic Justice from 1993 – I’m a huge Janet Jackson and Maya Angelou fan).  In order to further understand concepts or themes that I often reflect upon, writing is helpful for me.  It is a great form of self-therapy where I can also connect with people.  Whether it’s something like grasping the essence of motherhood or the nuances of life, I also love finding images to describe things that accurately capture the beauty of a moment, preserving it for a lifetime.

After traveling to beautiful places as well as becoming pregnant and birthing my first child, there’s an entire side of me that has transformed the way I see things.  Anything from self-image, relationships, or time being a thief, just to name a few. I’ve gone through a lot in the last year and a half and I toyed with the idea of diving into the blog world because of all the changes, but never managed to find the right focus or time until recently.  I told myself that there is no time better than NOW to start a new project, goal, or to just make a change. Who needs to wait for January 1st?

So I’ve stopped saying “One Day” and just began with “Day One!” I’m not interested in showing you a perfect life, just a well-lived, adventurous, and documented one.  And with that, here is my first blog post.

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I think that every journey begins in a place of uncertainty to some extent.  I imagine this is a lot like a woman’s first pregnancy (at least it was with mine!). You can try to grasp the mental and physical changes you’re about to go through, but there’s uncertainty in the journey. That’s ok. You don’t know what you don’t know.  Frankly, you can’t really know until you’re finally going through it.  You just do your best in that journey.

So for example, when I found out I was pregnant, the learner in me just couldn’t stop reading up on mommy-related things even though I had reached out to my mother and all my mom friends.  My reads ranged from what to expect during pregnancy to birthing options to post-partum.  Questions constantly ran through my head:  Will I breastfeed or feed formula?  Will I go with an epidural right away or try a birthing technique?  There really is no absolute right or wrong answer to these questions, but it got me thinking that you can make better decisions on what works for you if you are well-informed by your doctor, midwife, and/or other’s experiences and opinions.  That said, though I’m an amateur writer and am by far any expert on any of these topics, it’s satisfying to give cyber world my take on things. I know the blogging world is super saturated, but there’s always room for creative minds. Besides, it’s my take on things and maybe I can help someone. Plus, now that I have pregnancy and some actual time of being a parent under my belt, I have a handful of friends who are about to be first-time moms. They are now starting to ask me what I did or how I dealt with or felt about certain situations. It still surprises me because I’m such a rookie, but it’s quite a compliment in my eyes!  We all have our ways of dealing with pregnancy and motherhood, but at the end of the day we probably all want the same thing: to be the best mother our child deserves.

For this blog, I’ll try to give my two cents on various topics (not just parenting, I promise!).  I love finding inspiration in things, self-care, and a ton of other stuff. Please feel free to get to know me. I hope something in this blog will eventually help you in the stage of life you’re currently in. Join me as I have my hand at motherhood and share my other musings with you.

SO…. WELCOME!  Please read more about the blog. I hope you visit again (or subscribe to get new posts each time!) and continue to join me for this amazing ride. I am so happy you’re here.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line to say HELLO, comment on any or all blog posts, ask questions, or to collaborate on opportunities.

Wish me lots of luck!

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